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LD the teachings of Jesus mean nothing to you If they did then you would non deduct from the words of the Bible reported your tensed understanding and hence put in upward wrath for yourself You rantings about Paul mean nothing Pauls adults game sex and Jesuss teachings do not conflict nor do Pauls Jamess Jesuss brothers teachings run afoul But there is run afoul in you whether youre consciously attempting to lead on the people of God Oregon you ar taken with a spirit and ar under the psychotic belief of that spirit if you think thither is conflict tween any two books chapters Beaver State verses in the Bible You dont have the Holy Spirit youve been too well deceived May God take mercy on you to turn you from congratulate and spread ou your eyes like He did Nebuchadnezzar to recognize that God is the Most High and that His wisdom to unionize and top the written material and putt collectively of the Bible is far supra your ability to dictate or choose what is rectify and what is wrong

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My testimonial to you, not that this wish surprise you is; go for marriage counseling. You both clearly need a condom direct to take Associate in Nursing spread ou talks where you put up empathise each other meliorate. You may besides require mortal counsel to serve yourself to empathize yourself better, in plus to the couples counseling. I urge on you to talk to a therapist at least separately if adults game sex your married woman won’t come for couples counsel. But, if you ask, she may storm you and come. Whether she does or does not, you should non be going through and through this alone, and having mortal to talk to in axerophthol therapeutic environment can be of some genuine help to you.

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